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Posted byHardik Mehta 
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Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
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Name of the Company EmployeeMohammed Shaik 
Complaint Details

I consider self as a prime customer of Vodafone as I not only use 3 cards but have a decent history. I am been facing a lot of problem since last few months mostly with the network issue but the issue got never been resolved. My experience with Vodafone was not that bad until I spoke to one of their Representative Mr. Mohammed Shaik.

Post interaction with him I have lost trust/ faith for the Brand. I see Vodafone tag line “Happy to Help” but let me tell you that most of their customers are not at all happy the way they receive the customer service. Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. And about sending them away happy – happy enough to pass positive feedback about your business along to others, let me bring to their notice that Vodafone lack these skills of good customer service either they are not train or they don’t want to help their customers.

Here is my extremely awful experience with Vodafone service and the Representative who has attended my call on 17th Feb ’09. Below is the conversation I had with Vodafone Rep and his response to my concern.

Self: Hi I have lost my phone and I would request you to help me to track my sim card.
Rep: I apologize that we do not have such facility available to track your sim card.
Self: Okay can you help me with the last contact made from my cell phone as some one has got my phone but the person is not ready to return it? I also see that he is making calls?
Rep: I am sorry we cannot provide you with the respective information.
Self: Dude, its my account and I am a customer, I have verified all the security questions so what is that stopping you to provide me with the information. Try to understand my situation your one help can get my phone back.
Rep: No Mr. Mehta we cannot help you with the same.
Self: Okay then I wish to talk to your Manager
Rep: I cannot transfer the line you have to speak to me as I can very well take care of the situation.
Self: As its not in your control I would like to talk to your manager so please go ahead and transfer the line
Rep: I cannot do that Mr. Mehta (adamant tone)
Self: I am a customer and I hold all the rights to talk to your supervisor
Rep: I would transfer the line if you will tell me what is that your want to talk to him (discourteous)
Self: I wish to speak to him and I think you should just go ahead and transfer the line as it’s a customers request or else I will ensure that I damage the goodwill of Vodafone as I am from media
Rep: Please hold and let me check if my manager is around
Self: Okay
Rep: Mr. Mehta this is Mohammed shaik once again, I am sorry but we cannot help you with your concern
Self: I said I want to talk to your Manager… do you have any understanding problem?
Rep: You can tell me what help do u need?
Self: So what is that you can help me with when I have lost my phone and want to track my phone?
Rep: We can block your card
Self: If you will block my card then I will not be able to talk to the burglar and will loose my phone forever.
Rep: Mr. Mehta that’s all we can do for you (Arrogant)
Self: Okay can you please discontinue my outgoing local & international calls?
Rep: I am sorry once again but I cannot block that as well
Self: Then what the hell are you helping me with?. I want to speak to your manager and you will transfer me right now
Rep: Sorry I cannot transfer the line (Very Adamant tone)
Self: Hello… Hello… Hello (Rep disconnected the line) (Offensive)

To make a complaint I have visited Vodafone Gallery to speak to the Manager. I was shock to get the information that I have all rights to talk to the manager and can also put a request to discontinue for outgoing and international calling. Post speaking to the Borivali CS Manager I got more pissed off as I was not only been through a disaster customer experience but was also given wrong information due to which I have lost my phone forever which had lots of important numbers and some old memories stored in and much more…

Such a nastiest customer service I have never received in my life and I am shock to know that Vodafone is not even bother about their customers or else this call could have been monitored and one of the Manager could have called up to cover up the situation… but expectations from Vodafone seems to be a challenging task/ mistake.

This Hardik Mehta (9820051531)

Solution of your complaintI have lost my cell phone due to their mere stupidness... I demand for a apology letter and a reimbursement for my cell phone. Also would want them to add a clause wherein their is proper solution to such matters so in future if some one calls them due to lost/ stolen phone they do not face the problem which i did. 
ActionFirstly I will write to the management of Vodafone and give them an opprtunity to correct their mistake and apologize for the same. if i dont see any response, then I will write in to all possible blocks i can... as i am from a media background working for a No.1 news paper in India.. I have good sources so i shall use them and damage the goodwill of Vodafone... incase if I still dont see any response then i will log a complaint in consumer court by puting the charges of mental trauma, breaching of right to get information, fraud and see to it that I get justice...I am a guy who will not leave this matter until i get a solution... i have started my fight and i am sure I will get a solution to it. 
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