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Posted byManmatrix 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionMaruti Swift
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employee40 
Complaint Details

I own a brand new Maruti Swift. Date of purchase Mar 08. I had the first servicing after a month of purchase which was a very satisfying. The service at Rana Motors Okhla was excellent and the delivery man was very polite and helpful and made all the task easier by his great customer handling skills. Excellent customer service from Rana Motors, New Delhi.

Now the problem arose when I went for second servicing after six months at Rohan Motors Noida. The delivery executive was very ill mannered, irresponsible and spoke in a strange language which was neither hindi or english. My car was inspected and I was informed that the whole radiator, condensor and cooling system has been damaged by a minor accident. They said I will have to pay 6k for replacing radiator and 6 to 7k for condensor (ie 13k INR). Its imposible to repair this and replacement is the only solution.(I being a mechanical engineer understood everything what he meant (GET AS MUCH MONEY FROM THIS CUSTOMER TELLING EVERY POSSIBLE LIE)

I was surprised to see such huge amount demanded for a minor problem. I said I wont be able to pay such huge amount. He replied dont worry sir, you can claim insurance and u will get full refund of any extra costs or replacement. He then sent me to call a guy from insurance department to inspect. The insurance guy seemed to be very illetrate and could not understand the problem. He said its an accident and insurance will not pay even a single penny for that.

I was in a delima. One guy said its accident and you will have to pay for entire parts replaced and another said that its not accident n insurance will not help. They both left n got busy in other works neglecting me and my problem. (REPRESENTATION OF EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION FROM ROHAN MOTORS NOIDA). Not only this.. the service delivery man said that he will break the radiator and condenser and make it look like accident and then insurance people can help. ( AGAIN A VERY PROFESSIONAL ADVICE)

I then called the Maruti service engineer of NCR . He was co-operative and assured that problem will be resolved ASAP. He called up the customer service manager and asked him to assist me. The manager seemed very polite and assured that all things will be done without me paying anything. He called up the insurance guy and forced him to assist me. Seeing pressure from top managers the insuranceman and delivery man tried to help me.

Finally I came to know that I will have to pay 25 - 50% of entire amount to be spent on repairment or replacement which was somewhere near 4 to 6k.

I finally decided to leave the place and go to a local car mechanic for assistance. The service delivery man did nothing.. not even got my car washed and delivered to me and went away in hurry.

I went to my local mechanic. After inspection he said that its a minor problem which can be repaired easily without replacing entire raditor. And there was no problem in condenser at all. He corrected all problems in just Rs 250 and gave excellent service.

Now I would like to thank ROHAN MOTORS NOIDA for such a great customer service. 

Solution of your complaintImporve customer service and do not treat customers like fools. Hire educated people with some mannerism 
Actionescalate to highest authority of Maruti 
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