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Municipal Corporation Faridabad, India

Posted byV. K. CHAUDHARY 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Municipal Corporation Faridabad, India
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service Descriptionunauthorised encroachment on govt land
Warranty StatusDo not know.
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Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeFaridabad,(Haryana) : MCF,SSP, Administrator- HUDA, Dy Commissioner., 
Complaint Details

SUB :RampantTheft by Jhuggie Occupants of Green Belt, Sector-29, Faridabad

Dear Sir,
I am attaching herewith, and also for convenience, reproducing below copy of my letter dated 19Feb,2009 addressed to SHO, Police Station, Sector-31 and Commissioner, MCF, Faridabad, with copies to Dy Commissioner, SSP, and Administrator- HUDA, Faridabad, with regard to the subject matter mentioned therein. The said letter is self explainatory and merits no repitation.

These were personally handed over at their respective Residential Offices on 19Feb,2009 (it being a local holiday), and receiving signatures obtained from each. Photocopy of the receipted copy can be obtained from me, or from Chairman, Sector-29 Resident's Welfare Association (HUDA), Mr PL Dua, House no.208/29, Mobile-92509 23445.

Though a time bound action was solicited, i.e. removal of the JHUGGIE cluster in about 10 days time by 28Feb,09, there has been no action by any authorities whatsoever so far, therby the threat posed to them continues to remain. If this type of JHUGGIES are allowed to flourish in a developed sectors when they are relatively small, then later when they expand, it would be be all the more difficult for the same Authorities to evict them. Deliberate procastination by the Authorities would inevitably lead to cancer like situation in terms of ever deteriorating law and order and their successors would continue blaming their predecesors, and the cycle would go on.

In this scenario, the only saving grace is the media to expose their deliberate acts of ommission and commission.

Thanking you,

Major (R) VK Chaudhary, Mobile 98730 89959,
Plot No.13; Sector-29; Faridabad.


From, Major VK Chaudhary, (Mobile: 98730 89959)
Plot No.13; Sector - 29; Faridabad-121 008.

To, (a) SHO, Police Station, Sector-31, Faridabad
(b) Commissioner, M.C.F; Faridabad

Dear Sir,
I am residing with my family at the aforesaid address since 1996. Two SPORTS BICYCLES used by my two sons are permanently parked in the compound of my aforesaid plot. Yesterday morning (18/02/2009), I personally unlocked the gate of my house at 06.45 AM and took out my two dogs. I re-entered in about 5 minutes (06.50AM) and closed the gate leaving it unlocked as is the usual practice during the day.

2. At about 08.15AM, when I came out, I found that one of the two SPORTS BICYCLE was missing. As will be evident, the theft took place in short span of 1 Hour 25 Minutes when the inner roads are deserted. Despite enquiries, but it could not be traced.

3. The Chowkidar duty hours are from 10.00PM to 05.00AM at the Steel gate facing Sector-29 HUDA Market. Thereafter, he leaves after unlocking the other Steel Gate in front of Plot No.22 facing the green belt on the West side.

4. It is well known that the “Kabariwallas” usually move around at all odd hours, who while soliciting business, also target houses, and wait for a suitable time to strike and escape quickly unobserved as everybody is indoors and there is virtually no movement in the inner roads of the Block.

5. We the residents of this block, are convinced that the occupants of the UNAUTHORISED JHUGGIE CLUSTER are occupying the Green Belt adjacent to Plot No.01 & 22 and Road dividing Sect 28-29 for years, are anti social elements and are directly responsible for ALL thefts taking place not only in this Block but in the entire vicinity. It requires no rocket science to understand that this JHUGGIE CLUSTER could not have flourished for years without official patronage at virtually all levels. This is the ONLY logical inference when a series of representations by the Resident Association to all Statutory Authorities having gone unheeded.

6. In view of the foregoing, you are requested to:(a) Lodge a F.I.R. into the loss of my SPORTS BICYCLE, apprehend the culprit/s and restore it to me at the earliest, as also (b) Evict the unauthorized jhuggie cluster in conjunction with M.C.F within a reasonable time span of say 10 days, i.e by 28Feb,09, if only to dispel the negative inference in the above para, and thereafter, develop it as per prescribed standards by end March2009, as the residents have themselves done in rest of the Green Belt without any help from MCF / HUDA. With utmost respect and in all humility, it may kindly be noted that inaction in this regard is covered under the ambit of “Deficiency of Service” under the Consumer Act attracting exemplary damages in personal capacity.
Yours Sincerely,

Major VK Chaudhary,
ENCL : Photocopy of Cash memo of purchase of the stolen Sports bicycle with identification details.

CC : (a) Dy, commissioner, Faridabad. (b) SSP, Faridabad
(c) Administrator, HUDA, Faridabad, (d) Resident Association, Sector-29.


Solution of your complaint NOTHING 
ActionMove the Consumer Court for "deficiency of service" under the CONSUMER ACT as mentioned in the last para of the complaint, EVEN THOUGH the existing system is heavily in favor of perpetuating inefficiency, since the bureaucrats have no accountability in its present dispensation. For VIRTUALLY most of them, its a time scale SINECURE jobs with guaranteed promotion up to Secretary / DG level, followed by post retirement rehabilitation.  
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