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Posted bysandy  
Organization / Product Details
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Product/Service DescriptionBlackjack II Cell
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintProduct Durability 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeTiffany in ECR 
Complaint Details

I am outraged to discover Samsung won’t replace my cell phone due to the port breaking. I own another Cingular Samsung flip phone where the port broke as well. Your Warranty evidently has a “loop-hole” where a manufacturer defect is blamed on the consumer!

I first called phone repair to ask them what “F-84” meant and why this isn’t considered a “manufacturer defect” and how is the port breaking considered “abuse”. Not one person I spoke with could explain this comment nor understood the technician’s decision of abuse and explain how it is not a manufacturer’s defect. They transferred me to the Escalation Department Supervisor on duty, Angeli.

She didn’t know what F-84 meant nor could she explain anything other than repeatedly reciting to me the “all or nothing warranty”; once the phone is sent in for repair and is found to be non-repairable, the product cannot be serviced and therefore simply sent back to the consumer. There was nothing she could tell me about replacement of the phone other than writing to Corporate Office. After debating my point for over 20 minutes, she finally transferred me to the ECR Dpt. When I asked her why she didn’t do that in the first place instead of telling me to write to Corporate, she told me this was standard procedure. Interesting?

I spoke with supervisor Tiffany, at ECR Department. She mentioned she had just discussed this same problem with another customer. She explained that with the code: “F-84, Pad Lifted at Charger Port” this is due to the consumer pushing too hard when plugging in charger and is not covered under their warranty. She was informative and pleasant but after hearing my story, said this is Samsung policy and nothing she could do.

My argument to Samsung regarding this decision, is that people naturally would tend to slightly push the charger into the port if they were having connecting issues and this shouldn’t constitute “undue stress or abuse” to the phone. If doing this for more than several times bends and/or lifts the inside pad, then this indicates the beginnings of the port breaking and should be considered a “Port Manufacturer Defect”.

Was given Corporate address to send complaint letter to Richardson, TX but discovered its in Ridgefield Park, NJ. Also have address for Plano, TN? Would like Samsung managers name for Communication & Device Solutions so i can send my letter to their attention. anybody know?  

Solution of your complaintreplace my cell phone 
Actionwriting to corporate and sending all website URL complaints. Rreporting them to BBB and filing complaint with N.J. Office of Consumer Affairs. 
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