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Name of the Company,,,,022-40884533(Ms. Sanjana-Relationship Manager),022-40884545(Ms. Suvarana-Relationship Manager) 
Complaint Details

March 12, 2009

I am a post-paid customer of Airtel since last three years and I have been paying them three to four thousand rupees every month on an average.

My airtel mobile number is -9892909848

Since December, 2008, I have been facing network problem in and around my residential address. “B-105, Shraddha Apartment, Patil Lane, Yari Road, Versova , Andheri(west) Mumbai-400061.” I registered a complaint about it at 121 (Airtel’s Customer Care Centre), on December 20th 2008. After that I updated my complaint more than 20 times at 121.

Whenever I called, I was given a promise of 48 hrs...

48 hrs didn’t turned up for weeks....and I kept calling...and calling...again..and again regarding my problem....

In the mean time I stoped the bill payment saying ‘I won’t pay until my problem is resolved’, so that they (airtel) takes it seriously.

I received only 2 calls regarding my problem and more than 30 reminders (personal calls..Computer generated calls..and smses...) Regarding my PENDING BILL.. Saying that if i wont services will be disconnected.

After realizing 121’s inability to solve this problem I wrote to higher authorities like CEO, Appellate Authority, and Nodal Officer, but of no use again.

In the mean time I did whatever i could have done to tie Airtel’s “Attoot Bandhan”.. I changed my mobile handset...I changed the SIM..and I changed my mind to switch to another network but of no use, because this number matters a lot to me...!!!

They haven’t resolved my problem yet... And on top of it they have Suspended my services (incoming and outgoing both) due to non payment of bill.

When I warn them to go to consumer court they finally conducted a survey at my residential address. The network team representative found the Network problem really genuine. He immediately reported one of the relationship managers (Ms. Sanjana ) that there is a serous network problem at my residential address.

Then I called the relationship manager (Ms. Sanjana at 022-40884533) with reference of network team representative‘s feedback. She confessed about the problem, I requested her to continue my services until the problem is solved. But she refused and asked me to pay the pending bill, When I asked her how much time they will take to resolve the problem. She replied “it cost Rs. 5.5 lacs to fix up a network booster and we can’t spent this much amount for a single customer....!!”..

After that I kept calling and writing mails to them but of no use.. I also offered them a post dated cheque of my pending bill if they give me any deadline for the solution of my problem.

Now I am suffering from big difficulties Due to this ‘Unprofessional’ and ‘Unethical’ behaviour of a reputed company.

I have been suffering for more than tow months and they are least concerned about it. I am in a big loss due to the Network problem and finally discontinuation of the services of my mobile.

Not making it prolong I would like to bring forward a few points.

Professional Loss

I am a freelance writer and operate my business from home. My mobile number is the main source of getting work from the market. But from the beginning of the network problem till the suspension of the service of my mobile, I have become almost un-employed, and my average income has been reduced by 90%. (I am ready to produces my bank account history)

I am again forced to start my struggle from the beginning to earn my livelihood.


There is big question mark on my three year’s hard work of getting this position where I am.

Personal Loss

Not only at professional front but becoming isolated from “nears and dears” is also a major problem. I have only a few of contacts to send them a new number, but what about the rest of the world..?

I even am not able to reach people, those numbers was stored in the SIM, as the it has stopped responding due to deactivation.

I am facing a huge problem due to this crisis, for example I couldn’t get the information of sad demise of my close friend’s father at right time, and one of my wife’s relative who came from Delhi to visit us had to go back because she could not find the address as my mobile use to be “not reachable” most of the time..!!!

There are so many examples!!! There is a huge loss...!!!

Mental Disturbance

Since when the problem started, there are questions and questions in my mind every time. Sometime about the professional calls and sometime about the personal calls..!!!

I am not able to sleep properly...I am not able to concentrate on my work.... And because of the attitude of the concern company I am mentally disturbed every time...!!! In short my life has become miserable.

I have no clue about the solution and seeking help from you.


I hereby declare that all the information mentioned above is true to the best of my knowledge.

E-mails and phone numbers, I have been dealing with-

Ms. Sanjana
Relationship Manager

Ms. Suvarana
Relationship Manager

121(the toll free customer care number for Airtel customers)

As I had never though of going through this fight, I never made any archive of complaint reference numbers. I could only save a few of recent once. (858676058, 857730317, 851275725, 851275724 ) But I have all date wise details of major happening till date and my correspondence with them through mail. I also have recorded a few conversations with them on my mobile

I am ready to produce all the evidence whenever required.

Thanking You

Truly Yours-

B-105, Shraddha Apartment, Patil Lane, Yari Road,
Versva, Andheri (West)
Mumbai -400061
Mobile No. 9892909848
Alternative Contact No- 9769572328
Email –

Solution of your complaintRELIEF, what I am looking for against my complaint. 1. The outgoing and incoming services should be activated on my mobile with immediate effect. 2. The network problem should be resolved as soon as possible or I should be given a deadline for resolving the same. (I will pay the pending bill after getting done either of two). 3. I should be given a compensation of Rs. 5 lacs., against my professional loss, personal loss... mental harassment, And most importantly to teach a lesson to the service provider so that they can not repeat it with anyone else.  
ActionI will move to consumer court and will claim for a higher compensation.  
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