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Indian Railway

Posted byArun S Gaur 
Organization / Product Details
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Indian Railway
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Product/Service Descriptionticket Issuing
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Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating7(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeI dont know her name..It was a lady on counter 1 issuing general ticket at Gwalior on 11th mar09 at 11:55am 
Complaint Details

I have to travel from Gwalior to Mathura so need a ticket. I was in queue as I got my number I asked a ticket for Mathura the man at counter asked me to go to lady sitting at counter 1 I reached there and she asked me for 51rs. I gave her 50rs + 5rs. she asked me for change....I said I dont have the change...she said she wont give me ticket.
then I gave her two 50paise coins and asked her to give me ticket she refused to give that.. n said "ye nahi chalati" I replied... "are kyun nahi chalati Indian currency hai Gujarat mei chalati hai to yahan kyun nahi chalegi" she said " mei nahi le sakti mei nahi le rahi" I said.. ok !! if u cant accept it because of genuine reason give me in written that u cant accept it because of this reason...she said "nahi de rahi likhke chalo bahar punchhawa deti hun kahin nahi chalati"
I said " are kaun kah raha hai nahi chalati....mujhe bhi to dukan wale ne di hai.. aap nahi le sakti to likhit mei dedo.."
she got angry at that and said "mei nahi de rahi likhit mei aur tum mujhse aise baat nahi kar sakte tum ladies se aise baat nahi kar sakte mei tumhari complaint kar dungi pahle tum tamiz se bat karna seekh kar aao jane kahan se chale aate hai badtameez"
I replied " dekho mei bhi public sector mei engineer hun aap bhi mujhse aise baat nahi kar sakte..... aap mujhe ticket dedo.. rahi baat meri complaint ki to yahan itane log hai meine kuchh galat bola hoto batao" now as she didnt have any reply she closed the window... she took that blue plate written CLOSED with white paint & closed the window with that.
people around me and n behind me were asking "are madam ticket dedo...1 rs humse lelena... ticket to dedo... "
she hadnot given ticekt neither to me that time nor to anyone else..then I left the place.
after sometime I asked my cousin to get a ticket for me and for change he bought chocolate and then I got my ticket... & because of this attitude of that lady I missed a train 12:00
& then I have to wait for next train Chhattishgarh Exp. at 13:50. 

Solution of your complaintwhat happened with me is just past but I would be happy to not see anthing like this in future with me or anyone else. People sitting there should behave like they are in service sector and they are supposed to let people catch their trains. Also they should understand they are not superior to customer rather they are just the service provider, No ego... also women should stop threatening men for complaining just because they are men, Its something like a woman is harrasing a man and asking him not to speak a word against it else she will complaint for women harrassement. 
ActionI dont know may be nothing. Because I am common man nobody listen for common men problem untill unless it can give some potential benefit to some organization or political party or some TV channel. I donot even know what can I do. Also I have other liability I cant fight for each and every such behaviour coz this is not the only thing I suffered. In last 3-4 days I encountered such 3 incidents among them 2 are from indian railway employee(1 i have mentioned and other is about waiting in line for hours as he was busy in making tickets which were given to him by some people inside the counter from back door) and one by MP Police employee. sometime it feels I should have a lot of power to teach them a lesson. they just understand the language of "LATTHA" so get a "LATTHA" n smash them. 
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