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Reliance Communications

Posted byMohammed Abdul Kadher.M.R 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Reliance Communications
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Product/Service DescriptionReliance NetConnect (Model.No: EC121, CDMA1X USB Modem)
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintPerformance 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeRiyaz (Sales Guy) & Team Lead (Sudan) 
Complaint Details

I gave compliants in Customer Care through mail 5 times and 6th time, I raised complaint on Sunday, March 22nd 2009 and I gave complaint in Customer Care through phone. But no use of that complaint. Till now, I am facing the same problem.

This Complaint is about Reliance NetConnect Data Card (USB Type).

Model.No: EC121

I bought Reliance NetConnect Data Cardcard on January 5th 2009.

From the day one (January 5th 2009), I am facing lot of connection problem. I complained so many times in Customer Care. But no use. Till now, my problems are not solved.

I paid Rs.2,820/- for getting this connection.


In Customer Care, they asked me to download Reliance NetBooster software. I downloaded and installed the NetBooster software.When we ON the NetBooster, Images become blur. When we OFF NetBooster, Images looks good. Purpose of Reliance NetBooster is to boost the speed.

Whenever RelainceNetBooster is ON, it take most of the speed, it not allowing the website to load immediately. Without RelianceNetBooster, websites loading quickly.

I have frequent disconnection problem. Sometimes, connection will be there, but, I am unable to browse. Sometimes, some strength automatically fluctuating like some times signal will be nil (no tower), sometimes, 3 strength & 5 strength (full). Some times sending bytes will be more & Receiving will be very less. Note: In my area, there is two Reliance Tower near by my area. So, signal fluctuation should not be there. But , the signal fluctuation is available in datacard.

Till now, I am facing the same problems. Sometimes, Connection Status shows "0 bps".

Sometimes, Connection Status shows "153.6 kbps"( Connection Speed), not the download speed, but receiving shows 291 bytes.

While purchasing the sales guy said that, I will get download speed of minimum 100 - 120 kbps. But, actually, I am getting from 20kbps to 40kbps. Mostly, I will get 20 kbps, sometimes it will vary upto 40kbps depends upon the peak time.

I feel very much unhappy about this connection. Daily calling customer care and complaining the service problem is irritating a lot. I feel that, I did a mistake by going for Reliance Connection.

Voice clarity is not clear. Voice is completely breaking, while doing Voice chat in Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Skype etc... In My work, voice chatting is an important thing. I complained about voice clarity in Customer Care. But, in Customer Care, they responded a great information, that I have to complaint in the service provider like Google,Yahoo Messenger, Skype etc.

As we all know, this is Reliance Service problem, not the service providers problem (Google, Yahoo, Skype ). Voice clarity is completely depend on Internet. But still Reliance won't accept their service problem.

Sales Guy's False Informations:

While enquiring about the Reliance Connection, the sales Guy gave lot of commitments about the connection and Speed. Whatever, he said earlier,now completely false information. He said,in new USB modem (EC121) ,I will get good performance, Voice clarity will be good and unlimited plan. So many times, I aksed him about the unlimited connection also, he said this Plan name is " Unlimited 5GB, but actually it's unlimited that I can user above 5GB alos without any extra payment. He said that, Reliance giving offer for Pongal Festival Platinum Plan (Rs.1500) into Rs.1099 plan. Now, he saying that, limit is upto 5GB. Initially he said, unlimited, after purchasing he saying ,it is limited upto 5GB. This also now false information.

The sales guy completely gave all false statements. In the Application form, he mentioned plan name differently, but in my Acknowledgement slip, he mentioned different plan name.

If the sales guy said the fact about the connection, I will decide ,whether I have to go for this connection or not. But, he played in the selling point of view. If he want to achieve his Sales Target, whether Customers are Loser?

As a Reliance Customer, I proved all the Reliance NetConnect problems through the screenshot.

I am doing Online Job. For this, Internet connection is Must. Daily I have to work for 10 to 12 hours.

Due to this connection problem, I am facing lot of problem in my work.

Now recently, I asked the Reliance ,whether they will solve the problem or not. If Reliance unable to solve the problem means, pleas return my money back (Rs.2,820). They are saying money once paid, we wont give back.

Now, they are asking me to but New Hi Speed Reliance NetConnect with 3.1Mbps by paying Rs.3500 and return the existing DataCard and they are saying that, in bill everymonth, they will discount Rs.300 for the existing Card for 12 months. They are asking me to try for some 30 minutes of New Reliace NetConnect DataCard before purchase.

While purchsing the existing Datacard also, I purchsed after trial of 30 minutes. While trial, it worked well. But purchsed only, all the problem started for me.

I am unable to beleive Reliance Communications. So, I dont want to take Risk by paying another Rs.3500. Already, what I paid for existing Card is waste.


Solution of your complaintI am ready to return the existing DataCard to Reliance for New DataCard, but I dont want to pay Rs.3500. I am ready to pay the excess amount for New Card [ New DataCard (Rs.3500) - Existing DataCard(Rs.2,820) = Rs.680] . But, I dont want discount for 12 months of Rs.300. Intially itself, Reliance should adjust the payment. (or) Reliance should return my money Back (Rs.2820) 
ActionFiling case in Consumer Court. 
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