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Posted byLeena Agarwal 
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Product/Service DescriptionNokia handset, model 2630, IMEI 352928021832353
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Complaint Rating8(in a scale of 1 to 10)
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Complaint Details

Nokia handset, model 2630, IMEI 352928021832353

I was a big Fan of Nokia. I was using Nokia 1100 handset without any issues for 3 years. Then I switched to Nokia 2630 & the problem started. My experience with this handset is very bad so far.

The problem with my handset is that it switches off automatically even if the battery is fully charged. The battery indicator indicates that it is fully charged, but it goes off anytime. Often, when I am attending calls, the phone simply shuts off. I have to then start it again & call back to continue with the conversation. Even after that I am not sure for how long the device would be up. This is very frustrating.
I took it to the Nokia service center at Pune twice. First time, (after a long wait from my turn) they replaced the battery, but it didn't help. Next time, (again after a long wait there) they said that they need to send the handset to Delhi service center and asked me to leave it there. I got my handset back after around 2 weeks. I was hoping that the problem is solved, but unfortunately it wasn’t. The phone still has the same issues. It is a very unreliable phone. I carry it with me but it doesn’t serve its purpose of keeping me always reachable on phone, because you never know when it would shut off. I think, going to the service center again would also not help, because I have already tried it twice with no good results. If I take it again to them, they will simply keep the phone with them for long period of time and I would have no option but to wait and watch the warranty period ending. This phone is no good.

I have heard from some of my friends & relatives that they are also facing similar issues with their Nokia handsets. It is bad that the company is not doing anything about it. 

Solution of your complaintCashback OR replacement of the handset with a new fault-free model. 
ActionFile a complaint in consumer court. 
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