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Posted byPrakash Tewari 
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Product/Service DescriptionNokia, N81, IMEI No. 351935030189031, Invoice No. 324
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeHead Nokia 
Complaint Details

Dear Concern

I bought Nokia N81 Phone on dtd.13/03/09, which IMEI No. is 351935/03/018903/1. From the day first its images from camera is blurred and not delivering expected results, which should be supposed to delivered of 2 Mega Pixels Camera irrespective of the mode.I took it at Nokia Care in Jail Road, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi., they acknowledged the problem and advised me to get updated its software & the problem will be rectified. They updated my Software, but blurredness of image is not rectified? A problem in blue tooth has occurred instead, While transferring the data via blue tooth, devices from which i share the data or do the pairing with my handset, remains in the blue tooth history i am not able to delete because the option of deleting pairing, does not appear. So called the software updation leads me again to go another Nokia care i.e. Ace Communication, Pritam pura, New Delhi. Now, I had to explain two problems, which was one earlier.

The Customer care executive said that my phone is having a old version of software and that's why this problem has occurred. It needs to be updated. I was Shocked!!! Four days ago i get it updated from your Nokia Care and now again your another Nokia Care is saying it is not updated. Needs to be updated. Either of your Nokia Care must have misguided me?

Well Nokia care Ace Communication, again updated the software but the problem it still there. The captured images are blurred.In Nokia care Ace Communication there was a gentleman named Mr. Amit, they did acknowledge the blurred image problem. BUT didn't want to do anything regarding replacement of the Handset.

Being a customer, who bought this mobile just before 15 days and from day one its images are blurred, does not want repairing of this handset, It has to be replaced with new. Because once the mobile is delivering blurred image and your Nokia care persons has also acknowledged the same, then it seem to be a manufacturing defect. An image cannot be blurred from 2 mega pixel camera. Even I have seen many Nokia phone where camera is less than 2 mega pixels but the images are very much clear irrespective of the mode whether it is day or night. why should I carry this defective set???

Having acknowledged the problem, Mr. Amit does'nt want to do anything regarding replacement of the set. They have given me help line No. i.e. 011-30303838. At this Number i called at the same day i.e. 31Mar09 and assisted by somebody Mr. Kunal in technical problem section. having known all the incident he has given me a Reference No. i.e. 2-3WANUN and directed me to go further the same Nokia Care centre i.e. Ace Communication, show this reference No. at their and take the Work Sheet No. from them after giving the handset to them and I will get it replaced.

Today i.e. 02Apr,09, I followed the same instruction but Mr. Amit refused to acknowledge the Reference No. given by Mr. Kunal at 011-30303838 and didn't take even my handset for replacement. Again here they acknowledged the blurred image problem but felt sorry to help me.

Sir, As a customer, Did i make a mistake to buy Nokia Handset and believed the company's credibility? Once the camera is delivering blurred image from day first and seems to a manufacturing defect, and your Nokia Care persons are also acknowledging the same but don't take pain to get it replaced.

As a customer I have usually two options either from where I bought the handset or service centre i..e Nokia Care. Nokia care, they way they had cared me as a customer, i felt harassed.

Instead of running again n again to Nokia Care, I think, I should move to Consumer forum,
I request you to please replace my handset within 7 days of this mail, so that the credibility of the Nokia will remain same or this horrible incident leads me to go to the CONSUMER COURT.

Prakash Tewari
Area Sales Manager
ITX Trade Exchange Ltd (A Zee TV Enterprises)

Solution of your complaintReplacemnet of my head set with New one 
ActionI will go to Consumer court. 
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