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Complaint Details

Miles Motors Pvt Ltd.,Baroda,Gujrat

Posted byJoel Cherian 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Miles Motors Pvt Ltd.,Baroda,Gujrat
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionIndica DLS,Invoice no, MilMot-R-0809-00560
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintPrice 
Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr. Shiva 
Complaint Details

6th April, 2009

The Manager
Tata Motors Ltd


I had purchased a Indica DLS from your dealer named Miles Motor Pvt Ltd with detailed below:

Invoice no, MilMot-R-0809-00560
Dtd 27.12.08
Chasis number 600149KRZPD6475
Engine number 475IDI03KRZPC5172
Registration number GJ 6 DB 0716

They had given me offer as per quotation below:
Quotation number 10/Shiva
Date: 15.12.08
XSr Price Rs. 3,55,870/-
Roadtax Rs. 365/-
RTO Rs. 23,452/-
Insurance Rs. 13,442/-

On Road Rs. 3,93,129/-
For which I received Invoice with detailed below:
X Sr Price Rs. 3,55,870/-
Less disc. Rs. 25,000/-
Price Rs. 3,30,870/-
Insurance Rs. 13,442/-
Logistic Rs. 1,000/-
VMC Tax Rs. 365/-
RTO Rs. 23,452/-
On Road Rs. 3,69,129/-

But as I got my policy and RTO document from which I could understand that the amount collected by Dealer for RTO, Insurance etc was more than the actual expenses.

Details are as below:

Actual Billed

Rs. 3,30,870/- X Sr Price Rs. 3,30,870/-

Rs. 10,441/- Insurance Rs. 13,442/-

Rs. 17,765/- RTO Rs. 23,452/-

Rs. 365/- Logistic Rs. 365/-

----------------- --------------------------
Rs.3,59,441/- Rs. 3,68,129/-
----------------- -------------------------
Moreover, I had paid a total of Rs. 65,729/- against downpayment for the vehicle and Rs. 7220/- against 1st EMI.

They had processed a loan of Rs. 3,00,000/- Therefore actual amount paid as per my calculation :
X Sr Rs. 3,55,870/- less 25000/- = Rs. 3,30,870/-
Insurance Rs. 10,441/-
RTO Rs. 17,765/-
Road Tax Rs. 365/-
Rs. 3,59,411/-
Loan amount Rs. 3,00,000/-
Downpayment to pay Rs. 59,411/-
First EMI advance Rs. 7,220/-
Rs. 66,631/-
But I paid payment with detailed below:
Receipt number 0/848 dtd 26.12.08 Rs. 7,220/-
0/825 dtd 22.12.08 Rs. 65,729/-
0/798 dtd 18.12.08 Rs. 5,000/-
Total paid Rs. 77,949/-

It means Rs.11,318/ taken excess from me. I had a very bad experience in buying your Tata Indica car from the above dealer.

I was having a trust or confidence in TATA (as a company) and that only made by buy Indica.but unfortunately the dealer has cheated and our trust has collapsed.

Kindly request you to refund the excess payment.

If no action taken within 15 days of time, we will file a complaint in cosumer forum.

Moreover , I was confirmed a scratch card whose serial number was 21K4ME and was confirmely told that I would be getting a black berry , but nothing has been received at my end.

Thanking you,


Cherian Abraham George


Solution of your complaintReimbursement of the excess amount i paid. 
ActionI will appraoch Consumer Court to get my rights. 
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