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Product/Service DescriptionSAMSUNG,32" LA32A450C1MXL,039731
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Complaint Details

I Bought 32" LCD on 9/12/2008 from
M/s Electroage Consumer Electronic Goods,
SCO 363, Sector 35B,
ph 0172-4612363.
I visited this showroom with my wife and we was shown 32” LCD 4th series with 30000 contrast ratio which was in display at that point of time in the show room. After discussion with sales manager we agreed to buy 32” LCD with 30000 contrast ratio. I asked the owner to show me the piece which they would deliver to me. They replied “Actually we have stock at our warehouse not in showroom but you need not to worry at all. We will check”. I got my LCD and the same was installed by company’s engineer also.
Later on I found that actually my LCD is with contrast ratio of 10000 instead of 30000. I checked on that found that this model is not available there on net. Then I put a online complaint. I got a phone call next day from technical dept. and they told me “ we were having this model earlier but we discontinued the same in the month of Oct, 2008 and the same was replaced with new model with contrast ratio of 30000. We had picked all the old models from dealers and It might possible that by mistake it was delivered to you but you need not to worry just talk to Samsung branch manager Mr. Abhinav Vashisht in Chandigarh he will solve your problem”. I called up Mr. Abhinav and he sent engineer at my residence to check the situation. Engineer visited my residence talked to dealer also and finally convinced that it was wrong deliver. He went back, gave his report but I had not heard anything from anybody for three four days. Then I called up Abhinav again and he told me that he is forwarding my complaint to sale guys because this is related to sales not service and he assured me that I will get a call on very same day from them. But unfortunately I again did not get any call. I again called call centre and asked the status of my complaint and also told them the whole episode in between. Mr. Sumit told me that its better if you talk directly to Mr. Sanjay Bhatt (Area Sales Manager) and he gave me his mobile no. I spoke to him and he without listening to me refused straight way saying “ I could not help you, this is between you and the dealer, so talk to dealer”. It was furhter shocking for me to hear from the mouth of sales guy that “in India singals quality is not so good that you would make out any difference in 10000 contrast ratio and 30000 contrast ratio. SO how it makes any difference to your life. When I told him what technical dept. told me then he replied “ if those people are saying this then go and ask them to replace”. Nut shell behavior was total unacceptable.

Solution of your complaintREPLACEMENT WITH 30000 CONTRAST RATIO LCD 
Actiongo to comsumer court 
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