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american auto & trucks

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Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
american auto & trucks
Product/Service Descriptionlexus 95 es300
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintSafety 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeebijanraz 
Complaint Details

scam alert scam alert......scam alert......american auto & trucks in port ritchey fl.........

this gentleman is the most scam artist i have ever met. he sold me a 95 lexus when i complained about a noise that the vehicle had, which i thougt it was the cv joints, he said that it was my imagination, as a not so much expert in this field, i believed him, took me for a ride to try out the vehicle put the music really loud so i would not hear that the ac was messed up, the engine was messed up as well, the vehicle all together was messed up, when i started to complaint about little things, all he told me is, it is not a brand new vehicle, you get what you pay for, when i got to my house that evening, my husband wanted to go over there and return the vehilcle but since we live far from new port ritchey i left bj ranz a message saying that i wanted to return the vehicle back that florida has a 24 hour return policy on all purchased vehicles from the dealership, he never returned my call, owed 366.00 left and he sent me a repocession notice that if i did not pay by a certain date he would come and get the vehicle, he is a scam artist, he said he wanted to treat me like i was his daughter, that should have been a bell ringing, scam artist, do not go to american auto & trucks located at 10633 u.s hwy 19 n. port ritchey fl, 34673.........they will scam you to death and all they will say is, you get what you pay for.....
i am reporting bj janraz, or what ever his name is becuase he was not even clear in his name, would not spell his name he said every one knew if i called back who he was,
besides what kind of salesperson forwards all his sales calls and all his calls to his cell phone, hello it should be routed to the sales person, not your personal phone,
you sir are the lowest of lowest, and i hope you do get what you diserve.....
scam scam scam  

Solution of your complaintfor no one to ever buy from him again 
Actioni wouuld want to return the vehicle, but i have already wasted over 1000.00 on repairs 
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