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Reliance Digital, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

Posted byLt.Col.Manoj.AR 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Reliance Digital, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon
Product/Service DescriptionExcess money entered when swiping ATM debit card for buying digital camera and batteries.
Warranty Status
Complaint Details
Reason for Complaint 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr. Amit 
Complaint Details

I had selected a Digital Camera (Canon AX-2000) from Relinace Digital, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon and while making payment by ATM Debit Card (SBI), the billing staff wrongly swiped an amount of Rs.41,090/- instead of 14,090/- thereby debiting an excess amount of about Rs.27,000/- to your account. On detecting the mistake immediately, the staff requested me to wait for max 2 days within which the amount would be credited to my account or would refund me the entire amount of Rs.41,090/ in cash.

3. Relying more on the reputation of Reliance and as per assurance staff I agreed and in fact pended buying of the camera and batteries until my money was refunded.

Repeated instances of False assurances, defaulting and cheating
4. But unfortunately, till date the money has not been refunded and Fin section staff, Mr.Amit after initial 2-3 tele calls that the money would be refunded immediately, has defaulted miserably. They once called my wife to the shop on 02 Apr for refunding the money and when she reached there, they turned her back citing some official problems and assuring that it would be refunded the next day. She even gave our HDFC bank a.c No. on being asked by him to credit the said money, but till date it has not been refunded and of late Mr.Amit has even stopped attending our calls.

5. On 10 Apr (yesterday) Mr. Amit rung up my wife and promised her that a staff of Reliance digital would come to my house (Delhi Cantt.) and deliver the money and she waited home the entire day . But Nobody turned up again making her feel cheated.

Request for action
6. I am a serving Army offr posted outside Delhi presentlly, which adds to our problems. Therefore indulgence in the matter is requested to redress our grievance.

Reference:- Mails below which reflect my complaints made at the email id given by Mr.Amit of Finance section of Reliance Digital is reproduced.

Mail No. 1
----- Forwarded by MONUC-North Kivu Bde-Legal Adv/MONUC on 04/07/2009 09:07 AM ----- MONUC-North Kivu Bde-Legal Adv/MONUC
04/01/2009 12:45 PM


Dear Amit/ Manager, Finance Section of Reliance Digital (Ambience Mall),

1. As you are well aware, Me, Lt col Manoj.AR alongwith my wife had selected a digital camera and batteries from your Reliance digital (Ambience Mall) on 26 Mar 09 and for making payment by SBI debit card, handed the card over to your billing staff, who erroneously entered the figure Rs.41thounsand plus, instead of 14 thousand plus towards payment of the items and obtained my signature on the bill. However, on rechecking, the apparent error was found and thereupon, after consulting your higher ups, you promised that the amount would be refunded in cash within 2 days possitively and gave us a typed note endorsing the fact that your firm would be refunding the entire amount. Keeping faith on the promise from such reputed firm, we agreed to the same. In fact, we postponed buying of the camera till the matter was settled.

2. On 28 Mar, I personally came to your shop for the promised refund, but was asked to come back on 30 Mar 09 citing reasons that the amount would be credited only by then. I left for my duty station(UN Mission in DR.Congo) on 29 Mar and on 30 Mar, you informed my wife, Mrs.Manoj on telephone to personally come and collect the money on 31 Mar and on that day you again rang her up and promised that the amount could be collected from your shop on 01 Apr at 11AM. Accordingly, Mrs.Manoj arranged a taxi from her residence at Delhi Cantt. and reached the Reliance digital shop as agreed, on 01 Apr at 11 AM but was told to wait there and it was only by 1200h that the staff at Finance section who had initiallly got the amount, after speaking to you on tele, suddenly and most inappropriately, told her that you could not give the cash and would instead give a cheque for the amount due.

3. You may kindly appreciate that in this era of customer care, such instances would seriously dent the image of a reputed firm like Reliance. I have been most co-operative, considerate and patient as a customer, just because I had trust and faith in the firm 'Reliance'. But now I find the trust to be shaken. In addition to breaching your promises, you most inappropriately caused hardship to my wife, who had come to Reliance digital on 01 Apr based on your word that she could collect the money. She had to come alone from Delhi cantt after hiring a taxi and leaving many jobs, including household, unattended, but had to go back without the money, because of your not adhering to your promise.

4. You are requested to refund the entire amount to my bank account No., which you have obtained from my wife on telephone, today, immediately, without any further delay to restore mine as well as your future customer's faith in Reliance Digital. You may appreciate that besides causing physical and mental stress to the customer, we are also losing of interest on the amount of more than Rs.40,000/- for so many days and the taxi fares for the trips made to Reliance digital based on your promises.

5. Please live up to the standards expected of Reliance. I didnot want to be impatient and go directly through your websites to lodge a complaint to higher officials of Reliance bacause I had genuine concern for the poor boy who unintentionally, but wrongly entered the excess amount, who would be harmed because of my complaint.

6. Hoping for a prompt action at your end and a positive reply to this mail of mine from you at the earliest. You could reply at this email id or at

Delhi address:

34/430, Arjan Vihar,
Cariappa Marg, Delhi Cantt, New Delhi- 110010.
Tele: 9868986010 and 25687636.



Dear Financial Manager, Reliance Digital, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon,

1. With reference to my mail below, I have not received refund of my money or for that matter, any reply or message from you till date. It may be noted that I had spoken to Mr. Amit on 04 Apr and he had assured that the matter would be sorted out and my money would be credited within a day. He also assured that he would contact me (at Congo) and my wife(at Delhi) the same day regarding the matter. However, nothing has been heard from him since, and most regretfully, he is not even attending telephone when we ring him up.

2. My Bank account records reveal that the amount of Rs. 41,090.00, which had been wrongly and improperly swiped at your shop from my account was already credited to your firm's account vide POS PRCH 6220180404100404577 785018 41018800 on 26-Mar-2009 (26-Mar-2009) which means you are illegally retaining the said amount for such a long period without refunding it to me, also considering the fact that the same took place due to mistake of your staff. This creates the impression that Reliance Digital is into ROBBING customers instead of selling products.

3. If you fail to refund my money within this week, I would be forced to take legal action on the subject matter which would include claim for interest and other compensation for your retaining my money unauthorizedlly, for such a long period, that too, due to mistake of your staff.


Solution of your complaintDeliver my money which has been unauthorizedly retained by Reliance digital that too, due to their fault, without any further delay. 
ActionTake legal action. 
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