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Mufti Jeans

Posted byHarshal Nargolkar 
Organization / Product Details
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Mufti Jeans
Product/Service DescriptionMufti jeans bill no-t3/00000210
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
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Complaint Details

The workers in the Jangli Maharaj Rd.,Pune branch are fraud.
I bought a shirt from that branch of Rs 1300(bill no - t3/00000210) a few days back.When I went home I came to know that its sleeves were dirty from inside So next day I went back to the shop with a friend to exchange the shirt.The Manager there did not let us take the shirt inside ,as according to him it wasnt allowed.Now this shop had no surveillance camera nor did it have any watchman.The Manager kept the shirt on his counter and told us to select another shirt.We selected a new shirt and went to the trial room, which was upstairs, to check if its size is correct.In that time this guy put the shirt on display and told us that it was missing and now that it is lost we cant take anything from the shop untill shirt was found. Even when it was his responsibility to take care of the shirt
he blamed us for losing the shirt.Later when I checked the the shirt on display it was the same dirty sleeved shirt I had bought.I told him that by mistake someone must have put on display and that it was my shirt.Still he denied and started speaking arrogantly to us. So when I thought there was no way out I went to the DECCAN GYMKHANA POLICE STATION and reported there about the incident.Now when the police bought the manager at the police station the inspector found that the manager had been lying and told him to return our shirt if he had to save his ass. Finally the 'Manager' guy gave us the new shirt under a REPLACEMENT RECIEPT
(reciept no.-t3/00000257) So any one buying or exchanging any item from this MUFTI shop BEWARE.

Solution of your complaintFire the Manager,put surveilliance cameras in the shop. 
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