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Carrier Air condtioners

Posted byRavi Agarwal 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Carrier Air condtioners
Product/Service DescriptionWindow AC 1.5 T under AMC
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employee 
Complaint Details

dear friend, I really made a mistake by buying a Carrier AC. I am forwarding you a letter below & its self explanatory about carrier service.
ravi agarwal

Dear Sir,
I am customer of your window AC's. I would like to draw your kind attention towards the problems faced by us regarding the service. I purchased two window ACís from your dealer Sierra Appliances, Noida in 2004. I tried a lot and managed to get the AMC for these two ACís done. It is really difficult to get the AMC for your ACís as none of your dealers are ready to do it at a cost which is offered or told by the carrier. They ask for prices of their choice & pursue customer for AMC under their individual banner & not in Carriers favour. They justification is that carrier has no role & it takes 25% share of the charges & passes 75% to them & service is to be provided by them. I checked the same with 3 dealers (Sierra appliances, Climate Control & Star Enterprises) & they all had different charges. Even your call centre didnít help. They say that whatever the charges are told by dealer is to be paid as company canít take it directly without any dealer. Finally I was compelled to give AMC to your call centre recommended franchise M/s Star Enterprises, Noida at charges of their choice in Sep 2008. I paid Rs. 2475/- per AC in place of 1650/- which is to be paid as per carrier during first 5 years when compressor is under warranty.
The AC had problem in the beginning of this season. I made a complaint at your call centre in 16 March 09 (Complaint No.DEL 983). The AC was repaired & delivered to me but it didnít work properly. I complained to M/s star enterprises but of no response. Then I again registered a complaint with your call centre on 03/04/09 (Complaint No. DEL195). But in spite of several reminders no body attended the complaint. Finally rep of star enterprises came on 11/04/09 & the biggest manipulation at your call centre is that they showed in their records that AC was rectified agst my last complaint & wrote a fresh complaint on 11.04.09 the show there is no delay in service. The AC was taken by star enterprise on 11/04/09 and has not yet been delivered back to us. Surprisingly I was told that the Compressor, Cooling coil, Condenser coil are to be replaced & nothing is covered under AMC. I was told that 2575/- I paid for AMC are the charges for first 5 years & compressor is not covered in it. Then I gave the copy of the bill as even 5 years had not lapsed. He then agreed after he took clearance from Carrier to replace compressor free of cost & told me that I will have to pay 6500/- for cooling & condenser coil. The charges were on the higher side & I checked with 2 other dealers that these charges are inclusive of GAS Filling & labour charges. Mr. J.P Sharma of Star Enterprises didnít accept it. I called up Mr. Gulshan Thakkar & he said he had no idea about the prices & canít do anything about it, and then I got in touch with Mr.Madan Rana of M/s Total line, Gzb to confirm the prices. The prices I was told is Rs. 1750/- for cooling coil & Rs. 2580/- for condenser coil. In spite of all perusal Mr. JP Sharma didnít agreed to the charges. I had no choice & accepted his rate of Rs.6500/-. But in spite of all exercise I have not yet received my AC back. Mr. J.P. Sharma doesnít pick up his mobile now or give lame excuses. I searched the mobile number of ghazi bad Branch Manager Mr. Akhilesh Mathur. I spoke to him & he assured me that although he is from sales & doesnít look after service but he will talk to star enterprises & get the AC serviced at the earliest. Three days passed but nothing moved & I contacted Mr. Rajesh Tomar on 25.04.09. He assured me of prompt service & even had a word to service Engineer Mr. satish on conference to go to star enterprises and resolve the issue. I received a call from Mr. Satish at night telling that he couldnít go to star enterprises but he had a word with Mr. J.P. Sharma & go to them tomorrow morning & will let me know the exact status by lunch tomorrow. I didnít receive any call till evening & he said he couldnít manage to go to them when I called him.

My idea of writing the whole story is to highlight to you the problems that are faced by your customers. I have been so irritated by the way Carrier & its franchise handles its customer. The feeling that I have made the right decision by buying carrier product vanished with this experience of your service back up. Carrier provides poor service at exorbitantly high prices that too not on time. I was compelled to buy a LG AC to replace yours. When I told that to your Engineer Mr. Satish, his instant response was that we have gone for an inferior product & that ourís is a MNC. But when I asked him how he justifies my staying without AC for nearly a month due to your service problem, Spending Rs.9000/- on maintenance under your product AMC, Improper response of your staff & franchisee, manipulation at all levels of your system, he had no answer. I have two more ACís of LG and pay Rs. 1595/- per year for AMC & it includes everything. Their service is prompt & moreover they have transparency. Charges are printed overleaf their bill & you check with any dealer & you will be told the same cost. So Pl let me know which will you call customer friendly & what will somebody do with your world class products (as claimed by you) but without proper service. I still believe that this kind of situation by your franchisees canít be possible without involvement of carrier staff. Beneficiary of all this canít be only franchisee. Carrier has no control over their franchisee or staff. I believe that neither any action is taken till now against your franchisee for their mal-practices, nor you will take in future. Ultimately its win win situation for both.
I have fully realised my mistake of buying carrier product & then the blunder of taking its AMC. I have already purchased another AC & kept pending for installation on assurances, so now my only request with your good self is that Pl let me know when I will get the AC back & what I need to pay so that I plan accordingly. If it is difficult for your technical staff to fix the problem, please donít mind to send it back without repair and I will get it rectified locally. At least they donít claim themselves to be MNC & their service is better then yours. You can also cancel my AMC if you want & I wonít claim anything. If you want I will send a request for it.

And Dear Sir take it as a advice of a friend and fool as many customers as you can by selling carrier ACís but if you have to install one at your home than go for LG.

Thanks a lot for your poor service & poor response at all times.

Ravi Agarwal 

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