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Posted byRadhakrishnan 
Organization / Product Details
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Product/Service DescriptionInalsa sunny emergency lighter
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeCustomer care at Noida 
Complaint Details

I had purchased an Inalsa emergency lighter (Sunny model) from Pacific Mall (spencer outlet), Sahibabad (Anand Vihar) in July 2008.

It was one and last piece remained in emergency lights category at the time of my buying. I had purchased this piece at a price of Rs. 999/- with a warranty of 6 months i. e. till December 2008.

After I used this emergency one week , it is started not working (not giving back up). Then I approached the Spencer authority. I asked them to replace it since I felt that it was a last piece remained in their stock as it was a faulty piece and customer not willing to take this. They disagree with my opinion and suggested that the company will provide home service to the product.

Accordingly I lodged my complaint with Inalsa customer care. The service people of Inalsa came to my home in two days. They examined the emergency lighter and told that the battery is faulty that is why it is not giving backup and they will come with a new battery in a couple of day. Since a week times has elapsed, no body turned up. I was calling them again and againÖ but got the same reply that battery is not there in their stock at present. Then I approached Spencer people and deposited the piece in their showroom and described the attitude of Inalsa Customer care department. Then they promised to get it repaired from Inalsa in a week, accordingly they had got it done.

Barely after two week, the same complaint re-occurred. I informed the customer care of Inalsa again. But this time also their attitude was not different. Nobody attended the complain. Then again I went to Spencer outlet with a clear view to replace the piece as it is was frequently giving complaints. The Spencer Executive again given their excuses as usual that there is no other piece of emergency lighter is remaining with them to replace. I had even told them to exchange it with any other company and am ready to pay the difference. I told them that I donít need this faulty emergency any more, I better prefer any brand even it is local made. I also informed them If you donít have another piece with you, just keep it with you only, I donít want to dump it in my home as I donít have any use of it, for what I had purchased it. They reiterate that the problem will never reoccur again. I expressed my opinion that you are just giving excuses to pass the warranty period. But Spencer people with their selling skill and strategy managed to agree me this time also. Despite most of the people in our neighborhood directed me to take this matter with the Consumer Court, I decided to go with the Spencer Peopleís promise this time also and got it repaired through Spencer outlet this time also.

Since it was winter season and power cut was not there, I was not used the emergency there after.

When I started using it in February last 2009, the same problem started (not giving back up). After that the emergency is lying in my house without any use. I neither approached Spencer nor Inalsa because as I know now they will definitely say it is now out of warranty period.

I suffered a lot by their substandard product and unprofessional attitude by your customer care and Spencer out let.

Now everybody compelling me to take this matte to the consumer court. Now I have left with no option but to approach the Consumer court. As a responsible citizen of this country, I would like that it should not be happen to anybody else in future.

Before take an action I would like to know from your goodself whether you are going to replace the emergency lighter with another one WITHOUT ANY COST to REGAIN CUSTOMER TRUST IN YOUR PRODUCT.

I not going to spent even a Rupee on your this product as I lost confidence on the quality of your product and service being provided by your service people (since it is the third time in seven month it went out of order).

Looking forward your views and decision on the above.


Solution of your complaintReplace the product with new one 
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