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general motor

Posted byraja singh johar 
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general motor
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Product/Service Descriptiongeneral motor captivia car
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeegeneral motor car 
Complaint Details

hi this is raja from Mumbai i had purchase captivia car from Nikhil motor navi mumbai for Rs 22 lakh on march 2008 the car has run only 8200km in the month of march 2009 there was a tyre bust on the main road by god grace i was saved during inspection of the tyre i found out that the tyres quality provided by general motor was of very poor quality i informed their helpline they told me to take the tyre to Nikhil motor for replacement after keeping the tyre for 15 days they send me a mail stating that the tyres cannot be replaced because of external impact ,if this was so why their service center people could not make out . the tyre had busted due to inner and outer walling is very weak and due to heat but the company is not ready to accept it . my contention is that general motor is selling the car for Rs 22 lakh but they are provding the tyres of very inferior quality china henko make why cant they provide bridgestone or reputed company tyres hence I request you to please see that my tyres are replaced because nowhere any tyre of Indian make will not bust itself within 8200 km and I feel that the tyres provided are not as per Indian standard I have purchase your car in India hence I should be provided with Indian warranty because as per your advertisement of general motors for giving 3 years warranty will not achieve unless they replace my tyres or they should withdraw their advertisement of giving 3 years warranty on all their products. Hope good sense prevails upon you and you replace my tyre as mentioned above
Raja singh johar
Mob no 9920731725


Solution of your complainti feel that indian customer should think twice before buying general motor car as the company does not stick to their words regarding warranty. 
Actionif general motor does not solve my problem i will take them to court and this is the reason why people do not buy their products. 
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