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Posted byNilkamal Kawaduji Waghmare 
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Respected Sir/Madam,
My name is Nilkamal Waghmare. I am the regular customer of AirTel lifetime service since the scheme has been launched in India in the Year 2005-2006. Sir have purchased AirTel lifetime simcard in the Year 2005-2006 from Aurangabad district in Maharashtra from main AirTel service centre, i.e. when Airtel first time launched lifetime service scheme in India. My lifetime mobile number was 9860628426. Actually I dont remember the exact date of purchaseof simcard. So please consider it. I fullfilled all the necessary documents requirements for availability of the service. No shortlistings were there. I was regularly using this number without usinf any of the alternate number. One day after 3 years "sim card registration failed" message appeared on the screen. Then I went to the service store to show the problem. They checked and told me that this number purchasing is showed against another persons name called as Aditya from pune. I told them that how it is posiible if I am using this number since last 3 years. They asked me whether you were using this number regularly and constantly. I said yes and I dont have any alternate mobile number. Then they asked me that how much balance is in ur mobile. I told them and said that it is right. I said that Ihave forwarded this number on all my biodata and this number has been sent to many of the companies. Please solve my problem urgently. Then that person discussed this point with another person and then they told me that you fill up the new form with full details along with your identity proof. Your number will get activated in next 8 hours. I said ok. I filled that form along eith complaint details and attached the xerox copy of my driving lincence. Then next day was sunday and holiday. After fullfilling all this requirements my simcard was not activated. Then I again went on monday and told the problem. Then that person dicussed this problem with 2 to 3 persons in the office and they were discussing in such a manner that they want to hide something from me. During that discussion I heard that by mistake the sim number has been swapped. I asked them the meaning of this technical term. What does it mean? They said its nothing and they tried to hide it from me. As I a comman man Iwould I know the meanningof this technical term. Then they told me to purchase the simcard by paying cash Rs of 150 and filling the form once again along with proff identity. I asked them that why should I pay for the simcard because it is not my fault. They argued with me and siad that you to pay for it. Unless and untill you for this you will not get the simcard with same mobile number. Even I argued with them but it was of no use. Then I Had to pay for it and I got the simcard with new sim number and same mobile number i.e. 9860628426. But I dont remember the new sim number which they gave me. Then the problem was resolved and number was activated within 24 hrs. But even this time I dont know the date of purchase of simcard. Therefore I have written abruptly the date of purchase of simcard. So please consider it. Then one day a phone camed form AirTel Mumbai office that whatever my problem was there whether it has been solved or not. I told them it is solved but I had pay a cash Rs of 150 even though my mistake was not there and also the mental torture and suffering. Then person told me that your money will be refund in 12 hours and it was refunded also. Then it was ok. But now my problem is that my has been lost. So again I went to the office and told them my problem. But now they are again saying that this is shown number is shown against another persons name called as Aditya from pune. Again the same name and same person. And they are saying that the problem cannot be processed. You will have to take new simcard with new mobile number. Even the person is not ready to listen the problem in detail and behaving in arrogant manner. Now it is my genuine problem and if you are not even ready to listen the problem also what should I do? Then I asked customer care that where should I go with this problem. Then they suggested to lauch a complaint on this site. I am very general customer and a common man. I am search of job So please Help me as soon as possible. Now you can contact me on my friends mobile number .i.e. 9096268514 and also my mail ID is 

Solution of your complaintI think that solution should be to issue me new simcard wtih same mobile number. It will be very helpful to me. 
ActionI think I will move to consumer court and also telecom regulatory authiority of india  
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