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Tata Star Mall

Posted byNilesh Yadav 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Tata Star Mall
Product/Service Description
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeCurse of Opportunist 
Complaint Details

May 21, I am a software developer working with Denver based Web Solutions Company. I recently had a very bad experience at Star Mall Andheri. My family came to visit Mumbai after years. I took then to show Malls, preferred choice Star Mall in Andheri because nearest to my house and we do almost all household shopping there. At first, we looked around on 1st floor. I was looking into gents clothing section, My mom and sister looks around thing and took just a nineteen rupees earing. We moved downstairs and my sister told me she took earing, she didnít knew it was to be paid upward. I said you keep earings with yourself right now, will pay before exit counter. She kept in her pocket because we were not carrying any bag that time. After having some snacks and pastries at food corner we purchased vegetables. We made payment at counter and forgot to pay Rs. 19 earing and passed 2-3 step out. And suddenly beeped, I hardly could understand 3-4 men came towards me checking bags. I realized about earing and and said Ďohh we forgot to pay for ití. No one was talking to us as if we had done some greatest crime. After 5 minutes a man comes and takes me into private room. That was bizarre moment of my life.. I never knew I was going to be treated hell ill and abused by them. I tried to explain things but they never attended me. He bluntly said you have to pay 10 times more than what the product cost. I just asked, why? It was genuine mistake, definitely not a theft. They were blabbering weird and accusing me for stealing. It was most disgusting moment by then. I was feeling like I am getting puked on me as if they were waiting for someone already. I asked them, where is the policy, where it is written for paying 10 times more. I heard, Blunt no. we do not show policy. Itís illogical to pay without seeing policy so I decided not to pay 10 times. They got really violent and started threatening me and telling me to put in jail. I just laughed in my mind, for Rs. 19 thy will put me in jail. Well soon I realized it was no point talking to them. I just paid 10 times more and came out.. I saw my face of my mom and sister. They were scared like hell and crying. I felt deeply bad. I should have just given them the money soon. They never even gave me the receipt so I know basically goes into their pocket. After being a genuine customer for more than a year, I experience a hell ride. I hope it doesnít happen to you. Whenever I think about that I just feel burning in my heart.  

Solution of your complaintTata should provide behavior send and service education to their employees.. They cant abuse and harasse like that..  
Actioni will post to 1 million places all over internet. 
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