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Product/Service DescriptionHP COMPAQ XQ40 144 T4
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Dear Sir, 21.05.2009

This is to inform you that I have bean cheated by your free gift advertisement with the purchase of hp compaq laptops.I purchased the product believing on the add & as per the terms & conditions of the add I sent a dd of rs 1499/ to you. My claim was approved by you on 14.01.2009. as per the deatails available on your site. This is a matter of disappointment that the gift which I had to receive within a period of 4-8 weeks from the purchase of the product yet to receive the same after a long period of 20 weeks. I contacted on the telephone NO provided for the purpose of enquiry and I was told that we are unable to deliver the gift due to the shrtage and the same will be sent to you very soon. I e-mailed my concerns on 10.05.2009 in reply of which I received an E-Mail dt 13.05.2009 from you promising the despatch of the gift within next 10-15 days . Today when I saw the status of my claim I was shocked to see that it has not been despatched yet. I again call on the enquiry no and I was again told the same thing that the gifts are still out of stocks and your gift will be sent you by the end of June.

I think that this is a cheating with the general public giving such adds and therby selling the products without honouring the promises made in the adds.As per the terms & conditions of the add I sent to you the requierd dd within the stipulated time relying that I will receive my gift within the promised period of 4-8 weeks. But I have been cheated by you by not sending my gift and each time asking more time to despatch the same owing to shortage of stock.
You have forced me to intiate legal prceedings against you ,I am going to give you a legal notice to you i.e. PHILIPS & HP COMPAQ Co.,here I would like to mention that all the expenses going to be incurred on the legal proceedings including my mental, physical & immotional harassement will have to be borne by you.

Bhupendra Kumar Sharma
152, J J Puram

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