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Posted bymohammed arif & mohammed arman 
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Product/Service Description3.1 mbps wireless broadband
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeeabhisek ray, debashis rout, hari. 
Complaint Details

I am cheated!!

It all started when your officer approached my elder brother Mr Mohammed Arif(who is my decision maker ) for selling a wireless broadband connection, your Guy did a great deal of misselling and actually cheated us.

The first thing uttered by your sales officer when asked about the USP of the product was that-‘Surfing is absolutely free during daytime only downloads are chargeable to the extent of 2 Rs per MB-Again when specifically asked about the downloads done during night, he made it very clear that down loads are absolutely free during the night, all this facilities only at the rate of 499/-- no mention of the off peak hours & conditions apply

Few days later when one of my elder brothers collegue; after his word of mouth was very much eager to take such a connection where the above mentioned –so called benefits are there.

The same false promises was done to my brothers collegeue as wel, but to his surprise he came to know about the reality when some other sales officer named ‘sudip’ came for the delivery of the product to his office and revealed few of the charges and was very hesitant to discuss on the same in detail and said that he is just doing the sales on the behalf of the Mr Asif, as he is ill.

Since than my elder brother is running from pillar to post from
Abhisek Ray, to Chaitalee, to Harigopal Saha, to Mr. Debashis Rout and lot other people. To know what is actually happening.

Abhishek Ray –the Manager for wireless broadband connection kolkata , kept on saying repeatedly to my brother that our connection will start within a days time as we have taken all necessary approvals and the thing is already into waiver system; but this one day never came. My brother kept on trying on the phone numbers of Abhisek, Hari, but only one SMS saying ‘5 Min’ would come from abhisek after my Bro. has tried for a dozen times on cell phones of dozen people.
Earlier when asked about – whether Buffering comes under download or not, your ‘Manager’ said that Buffering is not comming under Download, I even asked that we usually see movies, clippings and songs on the You Tube so this will not attract any charges. He confirmed as-- no it is free of charges.
My brother also called on the number from where I had received calls stating the discontinuing of services, but the lady on the other side confirmed her name as Munmun, but later it was confirmed to us in the meeting scheduled with my brother ;in the below paragraph that there is no lady working in the name of Munmun. i hope Abhisek and Chaitalee are the correct names !!!

Again I am sure your people are unaware of your own product too—abhisek ray, on my brothers request earlier has send an email on his corporate email ID about the charges on the connection taken which is incomplete where there is no mention of the 50 paisa charges per minute and many other discrepancies which I would like to share with you if you will be willing to meet me unlike your collegues who stopped receiving my & my brothers call—than ultimately my brother had to go to the Reliance house to raise a complaint to the higher authority.
In the meeting with my brother where on the speaker phone Asif confessed many wrong communication or deliberate false commitment was done to me and my Bro.
Chaitalee said very boldly that give us 15 days time and we will get back to you on 23rd of May with the solutions, when my brother said that he is going to raise a complaint to Anil Ambani-Chairman, Relaince Communications, Abhisek in an very unprofessional manner said ‘go and do whatever u want to do’ or else give us 15 days time.
He came to me near the exit during my departure from Reliance House and said directing towards someone in the far off cubicle that we have already forwarded the case to that person and usually this waivers are done and we receive request for waivers every fortnight.

Totally pissed off(pardon my language) with the service of reliance my bro. lastly got in touch with Mr Debashis Rout the DGM; (when on 23rd May I received no response from Chaitalee and Abhiskek - who lastly on 26th Misbehaved with my brother.) said to come down to the Reliance House on Monday the 25th of May in an very rude manner and when we are calling him on his cell number to know the exact process as to how will I get my Rs 3250/--- Rupees back –(thank got I got my receipt after 25 days of the connection). He is not receiving my call, as he is not coming to office from the last two days as he is on leave and there is no person on his behalf to take care of the business operations—confirmed to us by Hari.

I am not going to be cheated I wish my problem will get solved at your end. I wish you will help me in getting what is our right

You can request your collegues to forward you the email correspondence which we had made with Relaince – of which I have got no response till date.



MDN # 9330135553


Solution of your complainti am cheated -- i want to return the product as promised by the DGM --debashis rout 
Actioni am going to the court of law....... i have already given a email to the attn: Anil Ambani and board members..  
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