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Posted bykatina martin 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service Descriptionhome telephone service invoice number 60732743
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeecustomer service 
Complaint Details

i recently received service from trinsic for my home about 2 months after getting the service i moved. when i called to have the service transferred i was told that i had to pay my bill before they could transfer it. so i paid my bill when i called back to give them the information they needed to transfe the service i gave them my new address. when i did not receive my bill for may i called them they told me they had sent my bill out that i should be receiving it soon but that my bill was like $106 if i wanted to go ahead and pay it. i explained to them that i aid through a payment center and that i needed to have the paper bill before they would accept my payment. well anyway to make a long story short i had to call another 8 times with the same complaint. the last time i called i was informed that they had the wrong address because their customer service representatives do not know how to listen to the consumer when they are relaying information. after giving them the correct address i was told that they could give me a 10 day extension so my service would not be interrupted. i felt like this was wrong so after a couple of days and i had my bill hand i called to talk to a supervisor. i explained to her that i felt like i should not be responsible for the bill because i was not the one that had made the mistake they were and that if i was going to have to pay the bill which is a three month bill for $318.58 that i would like to set up a payment arrangement. i was told they could not do that because of the extension the customer service representative had given me and that if i had not paid my bill by friday june 16 my service would be disconnected.  

Solution of your complainti do not think they will do anything but cut my service off i just wanted to make people aware of this company so they will be careful if they ever have them for a phone service provider. but in my opinion i think they should either set me up in a payment arrangement or they should eat the cost of the bill because they are the ones who screed up not me they have records of when i called and why so they are able to see that i had made an effort to get my bill so i could pay it.  
Actioni plan to contact the better business bureau here in virginia and i also will not pay for the bill they can put it on my credit i do not care i am tired of companies like this trying to get over on the consumer. if you made a mistake admit it don"t make the consumer responsible for your mistakes. 
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