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Posted byMeghan 
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Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
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Name of the Company EmployeeZack; Michelle 
Complaint Details

I called and requested to cancel my NetZero account in mid January 2006. The NetZero representative who "assisted" me during that call failed to cancel my account. She placed my account on hold for three months and then my credit card continued to be charged $9.95 for the months of May 2006 and June 2006 (total of $19.90) -- even though I had requested the cancellation of my account in January 2006, which they actually informed me their their records showed. So, when I called to tell them of this "issue" -- and after holding on the phone for 35 minutes during my lunch break -- I was told I would receive an e-mail within 72 hours notifying me of my cancellation and the $19.90 refund that would be credited to me. After 72 hours had passed, and I had not received my cancellation notice nor my credit, I followed up with NetZero. Supervisor Michelle told me (get this!) that because my account was cancelled, there was nothing more she could do. NetZero provided horrible service (random disconnections when I was logged on), and when I did my part to cancel my account, they failed to comply with my request, causing me wasted time and aggravation and the loss of $19.90. Please be very wary of NetZero, as once you open a NetZero account, you might have a very difficult time getting NetZero to comply with your request to cancel your account and they will still charge your credit card because they fail to cancel your account when you call and request that this be done. This is UN-American. NetZero should be disciplined for this -- severely. 

Solution of your complaintI will try again, but I may never be refunded the $19.90 that NetZero has erroneously charged me. They are stealing from the public and they are getting away with it, unless people read this and take proper action to protect themselves, and hopefully refrain from using NetZero! NetZero must be taught a lesson.  
ActionI am in the process of finding out proper outlets for this -- a more effective site for posting the above complaint so that the proper government divisons are aware of the fraud that NetZero is perpetrating on US citizens and perhaps getting away with it. 
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