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Conservatory Smith Ltd

Posted byDenise Corcoran 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Conservatory Smith Ltd
Product/Service DescriptionConservatory
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintQuality 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeSimon Wigman 
Complaint Details

We had a conservatory build in January 2003 which looking back was not an ideal decision given the hard winter weather we now suffer. In the months that followed we notice cracks and so contacted Conservatory Smith. The came to visit our property and made remedial repairs with a view that more work may be required. We did require further work and scheduled a date January 2006. However we decided to change this date with their agreement to May 2006 when the weather was finer. Following a brief site inspection by Simon Wigaman prior to commencement, he advised my husband that in order to solve this problem a total rebuild would be required. So we are under the impression that our conservatory is to be rebuilt. Good to their word, Conservatory Smith visited our property 2 May to commence work. In readiness for a rebuild the electrics were disconnected and they took down the ceiling fan. They also distrubed a few tiles which were partly broke due to the settlement of the conservatory. For reasons best know to themselves, they ceased work within a few hours and we did not see or hear from then until the Thursday. They contacted my husband and advised they are not going to rebuild the conservatory as first advised but suggest repairs to the wall and floor along with relaying the tiles. We were somewhat amazed with there new proposal, total rebuild versus remedial repairs, and felt we need to seek a second opinion. We informed Conservatory smith that we were going to contact a Structural Engineer and until we had sight of the report please hold back on any repairs. The report only took a few days to produce and we were reassured that the work Conservatory Smith intended to carry out agreed with the report. In fact the Structual Engineer advised that it is very rare to undertake a total rebuild. So in summary, we agreed with Conservatory Smiths repairs proposals the report substantiates that the repairs were correct, so all we need is a date for work to commence. We are now at a dead end as dispute are numerous letters and telephone calls Conservatory smith have never contacted us with a date when work will commenced. The only letter we received from the Company was to requested a copy of the surveyors report, which tells them what they proposed to do would be correct. The really annoying point is according to their website they believe they offer a high quality customer service, which we are yet to see. The other annoying point, is the worthless guarentte they offer, as you try and enfoce it and they response is to ignore you and hope you will go away. 

Solution of your complaintI think we have been more than patient with this company, and they way in which they treat their customer is beyond belief. However the simple solution would be for Conservatory Smith to get in touch and let us know when they intend to carry our work which we all agree to!!!! 
ActionThe only cause of action would be to get another builder to carry out the repairs and look to recover the cost from Conservatory Smith Ltd. 
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