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Posted bysuresh 
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Product/Service DescriptionVOLTAS AC VERTIS GOLD 1.5 TON - Problem occured within a month of purchase Was under warranty when problem occured.
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintQuality 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr. A Murugan Mr. V.K Rao Mr. mageshkumar 
Complaint Details

I'm also employee of TATA group and I feel very bad about our product. I have bought this product because of my trust in our product quality which we so proudly boast of. I feel that i have lost my Rs. 31,000. From April 2009 I'm struggling on this. Finally I have raised ticket (09my310556). You can very well see this ticket history.

I purchased a VOLTAS vertis gold 1.5 split AC from Next Electronics Ambathur on 26th May 2008 and installed the same in Ambathur. Within one month the AC was not working and in the mean time we moved out of town due to transfer, after 4 months in October 2008 we planned to move our residence to Adambakkam. We called for the Voltas service and complained about that AC is not working and asked for the reinstallation.

Mr. Senthil Kumar VOLTAS engineer came and checked the unit and said that the unit had problem in the cooling coils and gas leakage was there and that he would dismantle the unit. He asked us to speak to the VOLTAS engineer for Adambakkam area for reinstallation and he provided the further contact details.

We called the VOLTAS again and Mr. Ashok Kumar came from and he inspected the unit and said gas leakage is there and we need to load the gas to find out the leak. The next day he came and loaded the gas some sound was heard and he inspected and said that thereís a manufacturing problem that the cooling coils are not good it might happen one in thousand units we canít fix here we need to take the unit to workshop to weld the coils. I had not agreed for the same and asked for the replacement of the unit. He then called some other VOLTAS senior engineer and he guaranteed me that would definitely fix the problem without any issue and will test the unit for 10 days and will fix the problem permanently. I was convinces and believed the VOLTAS senior engineerís assurance and confident reassurance one after the other.

Again in March 2009 we faced the same problem and we thought it was due tot voltage fluctuations and we would switch off the AC. In April it was completely not cooling and we called the VOLTAS number (044-65622222) it was not functioning.

I contacted VOLTAS service center-Priya Agency and they said that they would send a person but there was no response after that. Then through my colleagues I got the latest VOLTAS number (04-60004555) and complained the issue. After few days a person from Priya Agency came and told there was gas leakage and they hardly spent 5 minutes and he was not even willing to listen the complaint. There was no response after that, again called to the VOLTAS customer service N number of times. There was no response.

With much frustuation, I approached a lawyer to raise a consumer complaint. The lawyer told first we would inform the stake holders and then we can take the action. He called the Next electronics Ambathur and spoke to the Manager and the very next day a person from Priya Agency came and said gas leakage and their might be some problem with cooling tubes and we cannot fix this problem here we need to take the unit to workshop to fix this. I said I have raised the concerned within warranty period and I need a replacement. I was not convinced with the service and this problem is occurring frequently I definitely needed a replacement this time.

Then 20 days later I got a call from Next stating VOLTAS is providing a replacement please call Mr. Magesh he will do the needful and provided the number. I spoe to him and he said no one from Next electronics spoke to him on this regard. Then I conference the Next manager and Mr. Magesh on a phone call, the Next manager on call said some one from customer care agreed for the replacement and his name is Mr. Abdul.Again Mr. Magesh sent one more VOLTAS Engineer for inspection he also told us the same gas leakage issue and some oil trace in the coil. Again one more engineer came and said the same issue.

After our complaint nearly six engineers came and said the same issue but without any replacement done. Why I need to bear the manufacturing defect? I request VOLTAS to kindly consider the customer needs and provide us wit a replacement as soon as possible. From April month Iím struggling/in touch with VOLTAS on this issue. 

Solution of your complaintReplacement of my AC UNIT and do not cheat other customers like this 
ActionI do not have much options I wil go to ocnsumer court. 
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