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Product/Service DescriptionNOKIA N80
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Complaint Details

Nokia N80: IMEI Code: 358361001405350.

I bought Nokia N80 on 24th June 2006 from APTEC Sharjah shop. Authorized distributor for Nokia phones in the UAE.

For some calls, incoming and outgoing, display on the screen appeared distorted, ie number or name could not be readable.

When I contacted to APTEC, Sharjah, for a solution, they convinced me that this problem due to some software crashes and they agreed to provide solution by reinstalling the software with an updated version.

After APTEC repaired, the same problem appeared again. In turn I contacted Sharjah APTEC for solution, and again reinstalled software, it took half an hour, but the problem reappeared again the same day. APTEC agreed to send the same to Dubai for better service.

They returned the phone after two days with a confirmation that the phone tested and proved the display working properly. However, again I encountered with the same problem.

Then I contacted technical manager of APTEC, Dubai, he confirmed that this is due to software problem and need updated software from Nokia, but he do not when the software will be available. He told me approx. 2 to 3 weeks minimum will take for new software. After two days APTEC centre manager also informed me that he need one month minimum to solve the problem.

This time I raised the issue with Nokia Care Centre on 29th July 2006, after long negotiations, they agreed to replace the unit. Also Nokia informed, this is the first step, if the problem persists with new unit, and they will take up the issue to the next level. Nokia confirmed they can swap the unit within two days.

On 1st August 2006, I went to APTEC Sharjah shop to give back my N80 for swapping, but they reluctant to include the comment that this swapping due to software problem. I tried to contact APTEC Centre manager on his mobile, he refused to speak to me as his official time over, and if I have any problem informed to contact him next day and disconnected his phone. I tried several times to call him, but he did not pick the line.

Nokia confirmed they will never refund or change model as this is against their policy, even if it is a manufacturing defect. So it is clear for any manufacturing problem, any model, the customer have to suffer and pay for it.

On 3rd August 2006 Nokia Middle East Care Centre Tel: 80004449813, Line Manager turned down my request and told in a very harsh way, not to call again them, I will not get any assistance or solution from Nokia.


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