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Posted byJudy Lam 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionFedex Ground
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeI dont know... all operator seems bad.. 
Complaint Details

I am a customer of Fedex... waiting for packages.... but Fedex never delivered them according to the time and date as they told me... and keep me waiting for whole day, never come nor call...

below you could read the whole story!!!

I waited for the whole day last Wednesday (meaning from 9am-8pm) because the telephone automatic tracking told me that the driver was coming on Wednesday. But he did not show up in the end, what he did was left me a door-tag on Thursday afternoon.

Then, Thurdays night I started my first email to Fedex, and one officer told me about 9:30pm on Thursday that the driver would be coming again on Friday (1 Sep), and I requested it to be in the afternoon. I did check from the telephone tracking again on Friday about 2pm, the message from the automatic response was that the driver attempted to deliver on Friday (1 sep) at 8:40pm.

I was wondering what happened and called the hotline again, and I talked to an officer, she told me that it was the computer failure, and she told me that the driver was coming from 3pm-8pm. As a result, I waited from another half a day. In the end, the driver never showed up again.

I called again about 8:40pm on Friday, the officer told me that she did not know about the delivery in Miami, and transfer me to another officer from the Miami Office. I talked to that office from Miami office for less than a minute, and she said she would check for me and ask me to hold the line. I waited for her on the phone for 10min until I gave up.

Is your company trying to waste my time and my credit on my cell phone. How many more time do I need to email or call in order to get my packages. Usually the driver or the company would comfirm a delivery time , (let say 1-3pm), not like what you did was trying to keep me home and waste my time for the WHOLE day, and your driver NEVER come!!! I think FEDEX should compensate both my loss in time and cell phone credit and never make your service to be such inconvenience to the customers.

"Please let me know at least by Tuesday night (10pm) if your driver is coming on
Wednesday or not!!!"... till now... i still never got an answer from them!!! Hopelessly waiting!!

Solution of your complaintTell me the time and date of the delivery asap!!! compensate my loss on time and on the phone bill...  
Actionkeep sending email to very blog and postboard i could find till they solve the problem. complaint to Apple where i bought the computer from... spread the news about this to all my friends, and relatives and ask them to spread it furthur... 
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