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Best Buy

Posted byMichael Luster 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Best Buy
Product/Service DescriptionInfocus 4805 Home Projector
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMike  
Complaint Details

Last year I purchased a home theater system. the total cost of the system was around $5,000 plus $500 for and In Home Service Plan.
3 weeks ago we started having problems with the projector. I called Best Buy and the told me that I needed to call thier 1 800, so I did. the 1 800 said we will have some contact you and go to your house next week to repair the projector. Next week came and no on called, so I called back , and now they tell me, sorry sir, but we dont have an in home service plan for proejectors, you will have to contact the manufacturer and what they dont pay we wil, but it is up to you.
I called my local stoe and explained the problem. They said, dont worry sir we will have some cotact you in a day. next day I get another call from a service shop and they ask me what type of projector I have and I tell the, sorry but sir we that is not covered under the in home servie plan, you need to call the manufacturer.
I call my local store again ( 2 weeks has passed by now) the store manager says I will call you right back, ( one more week) no call.
This Friday I call again the service manger brushes the problem off to a young supervisor (Kelob) who is trying to do his best to fix the issue. He tells me that they dont sell In Home Service and to prove it to me he is going to ask a Magnolia Home theater employee, oopss!! the Magnolia employee states " sure we do" Kelob now does not know what to say, he tries getting his service manger to help out but with no luck, this man does not want to get involved.
Finally Kelob sees that the General Manger happens to be in the store and offers to get his help.
The General Manger tells Kelob, send some one of the Magnolia Instalers to get my projector and have it fixed.
By now Im very upset and tell Kelob, hey you know I have been patient with you people for 3 weeks and have not been able to enjopy my system and now you tell me that I have to wait another 3 to 4 days before the part is in and they can fix it, what I think you should do is exchange my projector for another and you deal with it. Kelob tells me he will ask his GM and call me back.
He calls me back with the following: My manager says thte we have no problem in given you a new projector, BUT, since we dont carry that same one you can choose another and you will forfiet your service plan that you bought.
This is not a clean way of doing business, it plainly shows me that the Best Buy employees have no idea if the service paln that they are selling cover the items that the sell it for or how it coverage applys. They just want to sell and dont really care about the costumers.

Solution of your complaintI think Best Buy should have take the initiative and should have repiared the projector from the gitgo, that is why I paid for an In HOme Service Plan. All of this coudl have avoided and they would have kept a loyal costumer. Believe, this Christ one place I wont be spending money in is Best Buy. 
ActionI dont know what recourses I can take, can you please advise. 
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