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All Trades and Services

Posted byMr John Crisante 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
All Trades and Services
Product/Service DescriptionRe False Advertising.
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeeevery body except managers who refuse to call 
Complaint Details


Dear Jenny "O". supervisor who adv to send in fax -then would get return phone call asap.

Re: ATS Advertising.

My name is Mr Giovanni Crisante my partner spoke with yourself yesterday afternoon after waiting for a period of days for a "supervisor" to get back to myself after I put in a request to one of your telephone staff. You have adv ise to put my "complaint" in writing. I will, with all my honesty try and recall the steps of the event leading up to this letter.

I have been involved in ATS for 2 weeks now and in that 2 week period it has turned out to be the total opposite to what was said I would be receiving as a potential client. My first call was from a gentleman called "Aaron" asking if I wanted to join ATS. His description to me was that I would receive weekly quotes- "Guareenteed in the Brisbane area ONLY ". I asked how many concrete tradesman would recieve the same quote and Aaron advised ATS had to give the same quote to "3" different tradesman within my field of work. I then was prompted to ask Aaron ATS is a large company isnt it?,and then I also asked again so only "3" different people get the same quote? And he advised yes again,then I went onto ask Aaron so there would be a large number of clients on your books wouldnt there? And he advised yes but we do only give out to "3 tradesman as wouldnt be beneficial to us as a Company.

The conversation continued like this with Aaron asking myself,- How big of a job am I willing to do?, and I replied I am only a Sole Trader, my main field of work is Decorative spraying and will only do up to 100m2 concrete work. I stressed I could not do any Industrial work as Iam not set up for big jobs like that, as per what is listed in my quote requirments in your database system that Iam receiving. Then I proceeded to ask well if you are a large company would you cater for a One person Buisness like myself?,and if all you have to offer is Industrial tenders then this would not be suitable for myself or my buisness. Aaron then advised and reassured myself that there is plenty of work for your "line" of work . I then asked if he could email myself a couple of examples of the quotes they send out to potential clients, I did recieve these quotes and they seemed okay. I have not recieved anything like those quotes to date and then I ask myself why?????. In a nut shell I was led to believe that I would be receiving personal quotes regarding what I do and those same quotes would be sent to "3" different people. I was also led to believe that I wasnt going to receive anything industrial. Aaron was on my loud speaker in the work ute and my offsider did hear the whole coversation between myself and your employee,and is willing to state what he heard himself as well.

I then recieved a call from a "Jenny" with a kiwi accent.I repeated what I said to Aaron to her and she gave me the same response over and over again.As I believed in your firm by this stage I decided to take ATS up on its offer but in the 2 weeks we have been listed I have been receiving quotes for every trade which obviuosly means you have ONE set quote list you send to every client,nowhere near the "3" only rule in which your company adapts and abides too,advised to myself from your "reps". Quotes are from Toowoomba to Ballina and the 2nd week of qoutes does not even have concrete work listed that is in anyway beneficial to my buisness.


I then called your company last week to understand why I wasnt receiving what I was promised as a client?, I said do you (as in ATS) send out quotes to "3" different people and she replied yes ,unfortuantely I can not remember her name -but lucky for her I guess?. I then said if the quotes are only sent to "3" other tradesman within my field,why am I receiving quotes for carpentary,plumbing,everything but my own line of work?, she then replied with "yes we do only have the one set job list that we send to all tradesman within ATS",I then said this week there has been no concrete work I could quote on and she replied,"have you looked at the All Trade listings?, I said they are only tenders not quotes for large industrial/commercial work,the ONE thing I specified I didnt want, I even asked her to pick one of the All trades relevant for myself,and the only one she could give me was a concrete job in NSW-BALLINA, in which I said that would be great but I live in Brisbane QLD,she then had no answer for me,I then proceeded to request to speak to the manager and in which I was told the manager was not available. I then gave my contact details and requested for a prompt return phone call in regards to this mess and I was assurred I would get one by the following business day, then I still had no call either on Thursday or Friday,then my partner called on Monday at approx 4pm and requested to speak to a manager there and then.

I do not want an extended period of membership in which was maybe one of the means to a resolution to this matter, I would expect a full refund considering the vast difference in the "Example quote I was sent", and the "Actual quotes that I received, and in relation to this I have now been forced to readvertise in the newspaper yet again,in which is another $300.00 I didnt expect to have to outlay so soon. I want this matter taken very seriously as I am myself, your quick response into this letter would be muchly appreciated.I will list my contact details again- , my mobile number in which you can get me 24hrs a day is xxxx. I have sent the also enclosed the "EXAMPLE QUOTE- (listed #1) as well as the quotes I do recieve.


Solution of your complaintWell after 1 week of continous phone calls to this pethetic company and yes iam still waiting for a manager to get back to me as they are all so busy-mind you I was a 2nd in charge of customer service for my team at a network industry and yes we are a very large company -bigger than all trades but yet we can manage to contact customers back  
ActionWe would like our money back in full over $1000.00 as we do have proof of what they said they were going to offer and what we recieved is nothing of the sort. 
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