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Posted byJ. Pecoraro & Laura Berliner 
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Name of the Company Employeesephiane- in layaway 
Complaint Details

On the above date my daughter and I appeared at store #8090 in orlando florida like we did for the past 21/2 years, my daughter is handicap and can not walk two steps and she depends on the electric power carts to shop. We were told that the electric carts could not be taking out of the store because IRON REFORCE BARS WERE INSTALLED ON THEM SO THEY COULD NOT BE TAKEN OUT OF THE STORE, I was able to get one out anyway. After an hour of shopping my daughter had to go to the ladies room, knowing that the power chairs could not make the turn into the ladies room by customer services, I had taken her to the ladies room in back of the store next to layaway, when we try to go thru the doorway the iron bar was higher then the doorway opening so I bent it to get my daughter to the toilet on time, I was yelled at by a heavy set girl who said I cant bend the rod and was told she will call the manger. A older lady named Stephanie came out from the back room yelling that I could not take the into that handy cap bathroom I ask her what restroom are the handicap to use, she said the one up by customer service, at that time I told her that the power carts could not make the turn. To my surprise nasty she replied "that the power carts are a supplied by Wa l- Mart as a Courtesy" as she was walking from me and saying repeatedly "I cant hear you". 

Solution of your complaint an employ walking the customer out or in the store with the Power Carts, I always see two persons stand at the entrance anyway, if it takes a third person do it or you will not have anycap customers shopping at Wal-Mart On the day in question we left the power cart & shopping full of intened purchases and walk out. 
ActionI can not shop at Wal-Mart any more. I left my telephone number with the Assistant Manager to have the manger call me the next day, as of date I never received a call, now I know Wal - Mart is not a handicap persons store. We were spending at least **$2,000.00+ a month** which included RX Prescriptions for Joseph Pecoraro & Laura Berliner. 
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